So you get more energy every day – 4 Tips

I could use some energy

Sometimes you feel like a smartphone must always looking for a charging cable. You crave more energy . More energy for your work tasks, more energy for household energy for family life and so on.

Energy is extremely valuable. Wars be fought. The amount of energy you own determines how much you can get done in the time you have at your disposal. The more energy, more effective and more successful you will be.

Here are four basic tips to help you get more energy on a daily basis.

1. Live like a sprinter

Most people divide their energy as marathon runners. They work and work on, enjoy after a hard week of a weekend off and a few weeks in the year of vacation.

We work through because the work must occasionally working as seems to be the most effective way to make that happen. Unfortunately, this way of life also causes problems. The stress level increases, there arise all kinds of ailments in your body and eventually heading off to overstrain yourself or burnout.


What is a smarter way of life? Live like a sprinter. A sprinter performs through a short and strong dissipation of energy, followed by a longer period of recovery . Moreover, a sprinter always keeps the finish line in sight. An effective technique you can apply also in life.

Target short-term goals. Productive work and keep the finish line in sight, then take time to recover from this burst of energy. Work hard and relax hard if you want to experience more energy.

2. Repair to maintain your energy

We take almost all too little time to recover. To get more energy our body after a period of stress require a period of rest and recovery. If this time does not take your body will be damaged, your energy will decrease and you will sooner or later complaints.

If you ever just keeps going to hit sooner or later “on” – you’ll simply have no energy. Restoring is as important as performance . If you really want to work effectively then build your brief periods of recovery during your workday.

For example, looking at lunchtime as the air on, meditate after a hard day, get plenty of sleep and take frequent truly free. One vacation a year is not enough to recover from daily stress.

If you want to develop more energy is wise to daily take time to recover.

3. Play and have fun

Few things make you more energetic than pleasure. And few things bring you more fun than playing nice.

Tickle your kids romp with your partner, go laser gaming with your friends, watch a funny movie, make an exciting journey, make jokes and take your life very light.

If you reduce the stress are playful everything lighter in your body rapidly. You do not ‘mature’ to behave yourself. Just be who you are and take the child in yourself a little upward. Do not take life so seriously. All that seriousness will cost you a lot of energy.

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4. Form habits for more energy

Good habits are the foundation of a happy and successful life. They form the foundation under everything that you achieved. Do you want more energy? Form habits that support building more energy.

Examples include improving your sleep ( to bed , get up on time and do not snooze – sorry), regular exercise, healthy eating , positive thinking, enjoy every day , keep your life in order and so on.

Getting more energy is easier when you enrich your life with little habits that give you more energy . And you know what’s nice? Those good habits bring up dragging the rest of your life in an upward spiral.

Before you know your battery can last as long as an old-fashioned Nokia. Beautiful stuff.

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