Sleep like a bunch of roses – the 21 best-better sleep tips

Sweating and run – what a misery

As if a truck had run over me. So I looked not only – so I felt well.

  • A Rummage who decided her to exchange hideous brightly colored hondenhol our bed . And then reorganized its saliva every four seconds with loud smacking.
  • A group of friends arrived at 1 am from a party, and it talked loudly. In a narrow street with Delft workmen with opened bedroom windows.
  • A half-full bladder that says: I do not really, but you can not really go back to sleep so . So pee.
  • The group of friends, having a drink did to someone in the street for three hours then really went home with – again – the necessary noise.

Do you feel often hit by a train when you wake up? In this article I share my 21 most slaapverwekkendste tips . They help you sleep like a whole bunch of roses – since sleep like a rose to me is simply not impressive enough.

1. Give your sleep priority

Yes, sleep seems useless. But that is absolutely not.

Good sleep is an important foundation for a healthy, relaxed and happy life. If you sleep kinds of recovery processes are launched in your body. Your brains to your skin, your digestive system into your cornea.

Sleeping is press the reset button . You start here again. That often solves many problems – just like your computer. So do not push your sleep away in a corner. It is important. If you sleep now not the time to devote attention to a long, healthy and fun life.

2. Provide adequate daylight

Yes, daylight improves your sleep . No, not at night. But if you get enough light during the day, you sleep at night better.

Why? It has to do with your internal clock. By yourself especially in the morning to be exposed to daylight through your body that it is time to wake up. Go during the day regularly at least ten minutes out to synchronize the clock running with the natural rhythm.

I use a cool light bulb from Philips during my morning routine (I Philips HF3430 EnergyUp). The blue light tells my body that it is time to wake up. So I’m good alert, and get up early a lot easier.

3. Place caffeine tires

And while I do not mean you should take it to the line until you.

No. Caffeine remains active up to six hours in your body . Many people think of coffee (or lack thereof) has no effect on their bodies – but that’s it .

Stop once again cold-turkey drinking caffeine and see what happens . Chances are you are experiencing splitting headaches, concentration problems, and great fatigue .

Want to make sure your coffee consumption can not sleep kicks confused? then do not drink coffee after 15:00. And beware: even decaf tea and tea leaves contain caffeine. The same goes for cola and energy drinks – which would delete you’re out of your diet.

Herbal tea does not contain caffeine. But do not drink clip in the evening – otherwise you need to urinate at night. Duh.

4. Sleep in the right climate

I sometimes read that 16 degrees is the ideal temperature for good sleep. Nice, but never set it on the air conditioning in your hotel room. Because then you have the idea that you camp on Kilimanjaro – in a tent without sleeping.

Still, the climate in your room is important for your sleep. A few tips:

  • Provide fresh air . I always leave a window standing ajar, unless it’s really freezing.
  • Keep your room clean . Many people are sensitive or allergic to dust mites.
  • Make sure there is no air flows over your head . A slight air flow in the room is fine, but protect your face to avoid eye and respiratory complaints.
  • Sleep as much as possible without artificial heat or cooling . Heaters and air conditioners affect air quality mostly negative. Put them in the lowest position your room is comfortable only when absolutely necessary. Grab prefer a thick blanket or a simple fan.

Consider to engage in air quality if necessary. Consider an air purifier if you have a lot of dust or particulate matter from the local road. Or use a dehumidifier or humidifier in dry or too moist air.

A clean, cool room with good circulation without drafts on your face – that’s the recipe for a wonderful night.

5. Go to bed

The conventional wisdom says that counts every hour to 0:00 twice . I conventional wisdom usually sit so high, but there is an element of truth. Though it is a small core.

Why? Because of course go to bed early . When it gets dark, your body starts with the production of melatonin – a hormone that makes you sleepy. So it is from nature logically to go to bed when you are tired. And without fencing and lighting, which is not long after sunset.

By going to bed, you will work with this natural rhythm, and you might feel fitter. Are you afraid that you lie awake if you suddenly to ten hours in bed? Adjust your sleep schedule than easy, it went fast enough.

6. Hondenhol – bad idea

Nice enough, such a cozy hondenhol. Yet pets in the bedroom is not such a good idea . Not only do they spread hairs and dust – they can disturb your sleep.

I am so often woke Snuffel because night was suddenly walk around. sound in the dead of night ticking nails and hammer. When Rummage good sleep downstairs, everyone sleep better. Including Rummage.

7. Reduce Stress

Stress, tension and worry decrease the quality of your sleep. And it is additional to, because you worry at night always seem worse. Wet sheets, nightmares, a zweetnek, restless sleep. All effects of stress.

Fortunately, you can easily reduce the negative impact of stress on your sleep.

  • Write briefly in your journal . Be not just what’s on your mind, but also where you currently are most thankful for.
  • Write your worry thoughts from you . If you’ve put on paper than your brain can release them here.
  • Dim the lights before you go to sleep and stop thinking . Let your brains here alone.
  • Turn off the TV and listen to soothing music , do some yoga or make the kitchen with full attention to side.

And do generally your best to reduce stress and anxiety. Sleep helps you relax, but it works much better if you’ve calmed yourself beforehand.

8. Make your bedroom your slaaphol

Exactly, no hondenhol – but a slaaphol. Your bedroom is for two -S-sen: sleep and sex .

TV does not begin with s. Like work, arguing, Facebooking, gaming, follow news etc.

If sleep and sex are the essence, your bedroom then minimize those two things. All that has nothing to do with sleep or sex allowed the room. That makes for more peace and better sleep quality.

So yes, that goes for the TV. Although there may be seen on sex is, you can not put it better in the bedroom for a higher quality of sleep. Also do your best to make your room as quiet as possible. Clocks ticking, humming computers, rattling timers – they lead the mouth.

Can not you get stopped? Invest in good earplugs (I use this brand when I travel), which can provide many solution if you want to sleep peacefully. Also check out my article on the power of deafening silence .

9. Make it nice and dark

If it is dark is your body sleepy. If the light is your body awake.

There is a lamp for your home? Or have you semi-blackout curtains? Only then the situation to sleep dark.

And, at the same time, find out if indeed you can let the first rays of sunshine. Because if it really is pitch dark sleep a hole in the day, and prepare your body is not up for the day.

If you can not make it nice and dark? Consider then to sleep with a mask . When traveling, I often use mine, so I now have ‘invested’ in a curved mask is not touching my eyes. It makes it nice and dark, but late morning still a little light.

10. Avoid screens before you go to sleep

Screens tablets, TVs, laptops and smartphones give especially blue light. Exactly light my light bulb emits – the light that gives your body the signal that it is morning.

Your body will make less melatonin , making you less sleepy. That, and make the activity on the screen your brain restless. You’re not the only one who dreams of colorful diamonds after an hour Bejeweled.

Stop screens – at least one hour before you go to sleep . Many smartphones you can set an automatic sleep mode. My phone goes from 21:00 to silent. Messages are simply inside, but the phone will know nothing. This way I can let him easily lie and I sleep better eventually.

11. Sport, but not in the evening

There are those times when you’re really tired mentally, but physically fitted best. It is difficult to sleep.

Make sure you get some exercise every day , and try 1-2 times a week to exercise intensively. Not only do you keep your body as good fit and healthy, you also increase the quality of your sleep.

If I have been running, I sleep almost without exception as a rose / concrete block.

Important: do not exercise right before bedtime. You can move (like walking a round or do some yoga exercises), but do not be too intense.

Tip: Can not sleep? Throw as your legs in the air. The shoulder stand helps according to the philosophy of yoga to sleep better, because more blood flow to your brains and good things will be flushed. I do it regularly and it seems to help.

Find a yoga routine for better sleep. With an enviable infinity pool.

12. Say goodbye to obesity

Are you overweight? Then you can potentially increase the quality of your sleep by the overweight to shake off . Snoring and apnea are mainly caused by obesity, and disrupt your sleep (and of the person lying next to you) terribly.

By losing weight you are generally fit, and you will sleep well go ahead.

13. you know what that means nightcap

Alcohol has an interesting effect on sleep.

  • If you’ve been drinking you fall asleep faster.
  • At the same time the quality of your sleep (how deeply you sleep) much lower.

After you have drunk your sleep more often, but you feel less rested. The old idea of ​​a nightcap (a small drink before bedtime) can mean the best of both worlds. You fall asleep faster, but because you have drunk so much alcohol it does not affect the rest of your sleep.

Anyway, be aware of alcohol . Stop drinking a few hours before you go to sleep, do not drink too much or do not drink. And if you are planning to have a drink every day, experiment agree with the timing.

Some drinks may make you more alert (hops in beer and drinks with caffeine).

Another tip: stop eating two hours before going to bed, and eat light. This prevents cramping and heartburn, and ensures that you will not be woken around 3am by your liver turns to overtime.

14. Find the right attitude

I sleep best on my side. Other people prefer to lie on the back or stomach. determine your attitude, mattress and pillow to a large extent how your morning wake up.

People who get much sleep on their back tend to snore or sleep with the mouth, which is uncomfortable (to say nothing of the smell out of your mouth). People who sleep on the stomach may experience their limbs or back. People getting on the lie they may suffer from neck and back, as the pillow is not well suited to the position.

Observe how you prefer to fall asleep , and in what position your morning awakening. Your sleep habits change from time to time, and it is important that your pillow fits your current sleep habits.

15. Soothe your mind

Meditate while before you go to sleep. Do you have trouble falling asleep because of the wandering thoughts? Calm yourself by counting your breaths. Tel with every breath, and try to keep it as long as possible. If you lose count, start again.

Try to relax a little more with every exhalation and nice to sink into your mattress. Give yourself permission to worry tomorrow about your problems. Now you can sleep.

By focusing on your breathing get your head and you become relaxed. Before you know it your way, and it’s already morning.

You often get ideas you want to remember anyway? Then put a piece of paper next to your bed so you can write off your. Once the state can release and then sleep on paper.

16. Soothe yourself with the right drink

Coffee before bedtime is not smart. And that goes for tea from tea leaves. But herbal tea is just a very good idea. There are herbal teas that help soothe, including:

  • Chamomile tea (my favorite)
  • Rooibos
  • Verveine
  • Lavender
  • Valerian

Take drinking tea in your evening routine. But beware, keep some time (1.5 hours) between the tea and your bedtime. Otherwise you have to interrupt your night for a toilet.

Looking for good organic herbal teas? I get it often in the organic supermarket or order it in organic tea .

17. Dress yourself slim or sparse

Sleep naked or in your underwear . Research shows that it improves the quality of sleep. Myself I always sleep in my underwear, unless it’s really freezing.

Do you really want something to have the body? Then, look for light, moisture-permeable sleepwear that do not pinch. Or clothing with the characteristics of sleeping naked with the benefits of clothing.

18. Take the right amount of sleep

How much sleep do you need? Since a lot of discussion about that. Most experts are talking about 8 hours, while some people believe to be able to just 6 hours from the feet.

You can rely on the stages of sleep . While you sleep you go through different phases of each around 1.5 hours. First you sleep light, then you sink deeper into REM sleep (where most of the ‘magic happens’). Then climb up again and again as you sleep light.

Those moments when you sleep light, are the moments when you can sometimes awake. That you’re aware that you have to turn around. Or the times when you find you need to urinate. When you’re drunk, you never quite bag in REM sleep, making you ill equips.

Roughly one can say: the more you complete a stage of sleep, the more rested you feel.

If you sleep six hours you can theoretically complete four stages of sleep. If you 7.5 hours of sleep, you can do five. Personally, I always shoot for eight hours of sleep, so I time him to complete five stages of sleep.

When you awaken in the middle of REM sleep, then you often feel drowsy. Therefore, it is smart to go to bed at a at a strategic time (6.5 or 8 hours before your alarm goes). You can also use cool gadgets, such as a wake-up light or app Sleep Cycle on your smartphone (or just put your phone in airplane mode).

19. Get up early and have a nice goal

If you get up early you feel fitter than when you sleep a hole in the day . You are more in keeping with the natural circadian rhythm and can immediately take advantage of the early morning light. Daylight contains more blue in the morning, making melatonin production is put on halt and your body prepares for a new day.

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed? then introduce an inspiring morning routine. This routine, run before you begin your normal working day, and acts as a “gift to your personal development. Looking for inspiration?

  • How do I get up early easy – 5 Tips (+ my morning routine)
  • Get up early – 5 tips to go to bed earlier

20. Orgasms – yes, orgasms

Okay, one is enough. But yes – orgasms. Why? Because sex before bedtime for many people is a good help to sleep and to sleep.

  • Yes, sex can emerge as a form of exercise (which you can not do better for sleeping) but come after orgasm are hormones that make you sleepy right – so that’s good. These hormones make you calm, cuddly, loving and nice and relaxed.
  • If you’re very excited (and have sex) it can be difficult to sleep, especially with a wonderful partner beside you.
  • Sex helps you take your mind, (together) to have fun and a happy, positive and loving mindset to fall asleep.

Whether you make time for lovemaking or even put his hand to you – sex works and is fine. And it’s a lot more fun than installing a humidifier – cheaper too.

21. Create an evening ritual

My nightly ritual is quite simple.

  • We often drink a pot of herbal tea at the end of the evening. The soft lights and nice music.
  • I let out Taster with Billy.
  • I clean the house a bit, floss and / or do a little yoga while Billy showering.
  • I take a shower and after showering I often meditate for a few minutes.

And my favorite days we implement tip 20.

Create an evening routine that helps to quiet your mind and make your body ready for the night. Avoid bright light, avoid screens, avoid provocative information. Take a moment to be mindful, calm and relaxed. Then you fall asleep nice and calm.

Sleep well is not difficult

My advice? Start with tip 20. And if you’re recovered, venture over to work on the rest. Sleep is an important foundation which often does not get the attention it deserves. As tip 20 otherwise.

Better sleep is not difficult, so try the tips one by one and see how your life gradually brighter, is more fun and lively.

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