Losing weight – four fresh insight

1. Overeating is not the same as love food

There you are. On your second muffin. After bragged extra even twice during dinner. You’re full, but you keep eating. And you do this because you – so yourself – “Incredibly’re crazy food” .

But love eating and overeating are two different things . Someone who very loves to eat do not eat too much by definition. Indeed, it is quite possible to extremely enjoy food and still stop eating when you are full begins to hit.

The dining experience quality deteriorates when you are full. Think of the Christmas dinner tuck sick feeling. What is there to like? Exactly, nothing. You love food, while not overeating.

2. Your favorite food is not really your favorite food

I often say that I’m crazy about apple pie. And that’s true, sometimes. But sometimes when I eat somewhere apple pie for dessert, I keep fooling myself.

I pretend it’s my favorite food, while it actually gives me a horrible feeling. And that is separate. Why would you label something to favorite food when you feel bad? What’s nice about a chocolate bar if you feel sick, tired and weak afterwards?

A better definition of favorite food is food that you almost always gives a great feeling . A couple of my new favorites are broccoli, legumes, salads, smoothies, nuts and many vegetables today .

3. Nature is the best counselor

Unlike iPhones and computers are our bodies are not made by people. They are designed by nature. And we know therefore still ridiculously little about.

If your iPhone is broken, then there are people who can fix it. People who know of such a device all, who know exactly what is going wrong. In your body is another story. Simply because there is no technical specification provided by.

But you know what’s funny? Wild animals seem to have that problem. They eat what they should eat to stay healthy. They are not fat, they are not plagued by all kinds of strange diseases (and if that happens that often human negligence).

Wild animals follow their instincts, and thus follow the built-in instructions for their bodies. We have difficult with that, because we are so smart. And that makes us do stupid things, like stuffing ourselves with artificial food and refined products.

And what happens when we allow ourselves to more follow our feelings? What if we get closer to nature? Then we find that KitKat is no power supply. Artificial flavors have nothing to do with which our body is designed. Then we come to a simple diet based on plants . Packed with nutrients, loaded with fiber, filled with everything our bodies need to function perfectly.

4. Losing weight is easy if your diet does not put on a pedestal

The more you forbid yourself to eat something, the more traction you’ll get it. If I deny myself apple pie, I get craving for apple pie. Apple pie is then put on a pedestal.

If you deny yourself anything you do not have this problem. And the more you begin to enjoy real healthy diet (and thus break your sugar addiction ), the less tension you get unhealthy food in this sort. Not because you do not like it anymore. But simply because you realize that this diet does not ‘work’ for you. You feel bad after a plate of fries, and after a delicious vegetable dish light and fit.

You can eat whatever you want . Your body does its best to handle everything you throw inside. But you always have to deal with cause and effect . And once you realize that you do not want to experience more of the consequences of unhealthy food, it’s very easy to leave it.

Healthy weight loss is simple

Exactly. Your body is a very complicated device. But well-designed units are easy to operate, how complicated they are inside. Just like an iPhone.

In my practical eBook Simple Healthy discover how to reach a healthy weight naturally. Find out how you slimmer, fitter, healthier and more energetic is with as little effort as possible and common sense.

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