Healthy eating without fail ever – 6 tips

Looking for the perfect breakfast

My breakfast makes me happy. Not only because Billy always makes me (I let the dog out in the morning – a fair deal), but mainly because this breakfast outcome of a process of continuous improvement – or kaizen .

What I have breakfast? We were always overnight oats – oatmeal with milk we let soak overnight in the refrigerator. That was fine, but sometimes we forgot to do it, and we were lost in the morning suddenly much more time.

And we were not happy.

This summer we saw – thanks to a friend in LA – but light. In 2013, we geCouchSurft with him, and he came to us – because of his strange fascination with northern European countries – visits the Netherlands. He told us about Danish Oats – cold porridge is ready.

And it was immediately our new breakfast.

We fill oatmeal with some motherless milk (soy or almond milk), 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit, walnut, possibly some goji berries and 1-2 tablespoons of crushed flaxseed. And you’re done.

And Billy too.

  • We immediately get a large portion of whole grains inside (about 50 grams).
  • We immediately our minimum serving of fruit in the day.
  • We have direct a strong boost of fibers within (15-20 grams).
  • We start the day with a good dose of vitamins and minerals .
  • We can vary as much as we want , because we always have other fruit at home.
  • It is finished quickly . Yes, there must sometimes be peeled and peeled. But not always. A banana or tangerine peeled as example. And when we bought bad we use frozen blueberries.
  • The breakfast is totally vegetable . There are no animals suffered. And that’s fine.
  • We feel great fit and long saturated . Often I until lunchtime, and sometimes I just hungry and I take an apple in between.

And quite striking if we have breakfast something different on the weekend, then we feel much less fit. Therefore we prefer this breakfast almost always above breakfasts that are better .

The point I want to make with this is this:

We go step by step improving our breakfast over the years. And now we’ve found something that works perfectly for us. And thus we begin each day healthier, and are we healthier.

It’s only six mealtimes

Exactly – we eat on average six times a day. Three meals and three snacks. Most people want to upgrade their diet at once. From quite unhealthy to perfectly healthy .

But why not work with small steps? Slowly change so you do not constantly fall back. Kaizen is all about continuously make small improvements. Small steps that are so small that you hardly notice the difference. But big enough to change over time your life.

Below I have put a six tips for you among them that help your diet with small kaizen upgrade steps.

1. Search for the ‘low hanging fruit’

No, you do not have to wander between the municipality bushes to bunches of grapes – although I do not hold against. The “low-hanging fruit picking is an English expression. Basically you first do the things that almost no trouble so quickly booked great results.

If you choose during each eetmoment for a slightly healthier option , this ultimately has a huge impact on your health. And while it hardly takes effort .

For example:

  • You replace your daily filled cake with an apple.
  • You throw a daily tablespoon of flaxseed broken by a meal. Or for example, sprinkle flaxseed on your peanut butter sandwich.
  • You replace that bag of chips with homemade popcorn.
  • You replace a piece of meat with extra vegetables. Whether you share a portion of meat with two people instead of one serving per person.
  • You eat in the evening at the cafe one block whole dark chocolate (85% cocoa or more) instead of a cake or M & M’s.
  • You replace white bread with brown bread or corn or brown bread with whole grain bread (check the label volkoren_meel_ is best), regular pasta with whole-wheat pasta, and white rice with brown rice.
  • You will remain a cook your favorite ‘world cuisine’ package, but you choose to eat less meat and more vegetables to add itself.
  • You replace meat toppings and bread salads based on mayonnaise with hummus with fresh vegetables.
  • You use more often turmeric (a spice which helps prevent cancer) during cooking.
  • You replace soda to sparkling water with lemon. Or ordinary water.
  • You replace coffee with green tea or herbal tea.

A few minor adjustments left and right have long-term enormous impact. And they hardly cost effort.

Most people eat pretty much the same every day , except for dinner. And even then we rotate a few favorite recipes. If you have these habits and recipes one by one tackle, you may upgrade your health for the rest of your life. Without that it takes real effort.

2. Work with you ‘weaknesses’

Sometimes I crave for sweets after dinner. How do I train myself well and how healthy I eat – when I feel weak once is the icing on a pink cake on my tongue. How can I fix it?

By not solve . After dinner I take a whole block of dark chocolate. It provides my craving, it contains very little sugar and cocoa has a positive effect on my blood vessels.

Try not continually your weaknesses defeat . Bending they prefer . I like evening trek have something savory and romigs, then I choose a whole grain cracker with humus or I dip some vegetables in humus. A lot better than potato chips or cheese. And if I want to make it even healthier, I make my own hummus .

Not make yourself unnecessarily difficult. Just make it easy on yourself . You have a limited amount of power per day. If you have to constantly deny yourself something, you will fall sooner or later for that bag of chips.

3. Do it step by step

Yes, it is tempting at once perfect food. However kaizen perfection is not the goal . The goal is to always be something better and if your diet forever to do better.

So you have no hurry.

Start by refining your breakfast. And move on to your snacking once you’ve mastered breakfast

Sure, you can direct the “low hanging fruit picking (tip 1) because it takes so little effort. And you might come to the conclusion that this is enough for you.

But if you want to further refine your diet then it is better to take it easy . Try new products, find healthy substitutes and test new habits.

Maybe you two weeks to find a healthy alternative to egg salad on bread. But once you’ve found a delicious and healthy substitute, you will have made a significant improvement in the long term.

4. Move towards untreated plants

Plant foods contain many nutrients and fiber, low in calories, no cholesterol and no saturated fat – exactly what you need to feel healthy and fit . Moreover, it helps to prevent many chronic and fatal diseases, improve your life and reduce your negative impact on animal and planet.

Schaaf cheese, eggs, meat and fish from your diet gradually. You do not vegan to be to take advantage of the benefits of a plant-based diet . As long as you regularly eat vegan .

Previously featured often my breakfast egg. Now I plant breakfast every day. I eat almost no meat, but sometimes I still eat cheese. Again, I am gradually to reduce, although I note there is no rush.

Find some delicious vegetable recipes and try them quietly. Before you know it you get vegetable cook pretty fingers, and you can rotate a selection of your favorite recipes.

Once a week no meat for the rest of your life is far better than one week completely vegan food and then fall back to meat every day because it does not like.

5. Select your diet not only based on taste

I wrote about this already – and it’s a powerful principle. If I could choose my food only on the basis of taste and texture – and nothing would give nutritional value – then my diet would look something like this:

  • Breakfast: Fried eggs with cheese and bacon, a butter croissant with (yes), butter and jelly, as well as a cappuccino with whole cow’s milk.
  • In between: butter cheese croissant from the local Spar (divine), a cappuccino.
  • Lunch: Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, lunch outside the door or fluffernutter. Or two.
  • In between: Dudok apple pie with whipped cream plus cappuccino.
  • Dinner: Lasagne course. With extra cheese. Or chicken sate with fries. Or Raspatat with peanut kaassoufflé and mexicano.
  • In between: First, more coffee with Tony Chocolonely. And if it still fits Westmalle Tripel with Lays Sensations Thai Sweet Chili. Just to vary a little salty and sweet.

Do you see the problem? It is a diet that makes me prone to diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, depression, arthritis, skin disorders, brain disorders and so on.

Taste and texture are important. And as for me they come directly to the second place. After a great nutritional value.

6. Be prepared for relapse

You will fail. And that’s fine. That is part of the polish . If you discover that you can not keep it full yet, then it’s time to tip 3 to address it.

you notice that you – whatever you do – yet again eat a peanut butter sandwich instead of oatmeal with fresh fruit? Fine. What about this:

  • You choose good wholemeal bread with no mess (read the label).
  • You choose real butter, as sales in the bio shop. Like that are not good? Sprinkle salt over than once. Do you really not? Then you continue to attend at your regular peanut butter. Maybe you can lubricate the thinner?
  • You put slices of banana. Are you more the type sprinkles? Maybe you can shave some of that whole dark chocolate, or use raw cacao nibs.
  • You sprinkle a tablespoon of crushed flaxseed 0.5-1 over.
  • You also eat a serving of fruit. As an orange, a tangerine, a kiwi or a bowl of red fruit (if necessary from the freezer).

Tadaa. An upgrade where you can best live with . It’s not perfect, but it’s better than what it was. It might cost a little more time, but you also get something in return. More vitamins and minerals, more fiber and more satiety.

And once you get used to this breakfast, you can experiment slowly to make something better breakfast or other meals.

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