Food is not entertainment

Doubt about that piece of apple pie

Yes, it’s cozy. And yes, it’s nice. Damn tasty even. With a friend in one of my favorite bars in Delft. It is winter and we just walked through the old town in the cold. The coziness of the small but crowded cafe starts to warm up our nice.

And this shop is known for its apple pie. He is baked fresh daily in the bakery next door. And here comes another when they have this delicious cream where they are not yet economical agree.

Eating such a piece of apple pie was for years one of my favorite pastimes. I love cakes, and I love whipped cream. And I always thought that this kind of food was my favorite food.

You are what you eat

If you eat used as entertainment, then you judge it primarily on taste and texture. It is therefore not surprising that many people stuffing their bodies daily with sweet, savory, fatty, crunchy food accessible.

But I realized some time ago that: you are what you eat . And someone who eats apple pie, will seem. It makes me look fat, weak, tired , full and fat.

And so I decided to do it differently. Did not apple pie, and yet had a very nice evening.

If you eat mainly entertainment shows then you are driven problems getting along. Then you want to comfort yourself with food reward with food and engage in food. You select your diet mainly based on taste and texture, and you will soon see the results in your body.

And the results will make you happy. But that feeling you than eating away.

Food is less tasty

For a healthy body, you need a bit of discipline. Yes, it is easy to everyday incredibly delicious food. It’s incredibly difficult every day healthy eating. Especially because healthy eating is often less tasty. It contains less fat and sugar, less flavor enhancers, and fewer animal products. Ingredients that stimulate the tongue.

Wen part of your course there. I usually breakfast oatmeal with milk and fresh fruit vegetable. I love it, but people who eat breakfast usually with fat and sugar found it filthy. And I’m going to keep vegetables, whole grains and other healthy foods.

But for some remains again weighed every day. Kick you in the supermarket in the scent of fresh cheese croissants? Whether you spend most of his time near the vegetable shelf? you go home with a bag of chocolate or a bag of apples?

Think of food as food

If you’re going to see food as intended – that is to your body feed – it becomes easier to eat healthier. Have fun then a second priority.

Yes, of course you want good food. Of course you will enjoy what you eat. But if you have the taste and texture is most important, then you will not long enjoy. Then you sit before you know the hospital meals – and then you shake it with your taste and texture.

  • Eat in the base to feed your body . Simple, mostly vegetable, rich in nutrients and fiber.
  • Try to kill two birds with one stone . Make healthy food as tasty as possible . So you can enjoy very healthy food. This makes it easier to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Use tasty and unhealthy food as an exception . Of course you can occasionally eat a piece of apple pie with whipped cream or French fries with cheese soufflé. But see it as an exception. At social gatherings or when you have something to celebrate.

Yes, food can be quite entertaining. But if you use that reason you’ll soon be in trouble. Food is not entertainment – it’s food . So use it to nourish your body – you will eventually experience the most fun.

Simple healthy eating

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