Flat stomach – four healthy and quick tips

Dreaming of a flat stomach

My belly fat technical highlight was 2002. At least, that conclusion I draw from some less-flattering photos I’m not going to post. I was 15, I was on holiday in Norway with my parents and sister, and my weight became almost 90 kg.

It was shortly after the introduction of the new school, where I bought every day satébroodje for one euro. With chicken and puff so. A childhood filled with custard, milk, Blue Band, sprinkles, Milky Way, meat and illegal interference in the candy drum had taken their toll.

I was not satisfied with the situation, and adjusted my diet when I was sixteen. Since then, the abdominal fat ended up on a steady downward graph. I’m leaner than I’ve ever been.

I still have some belly fat, but I’m in no hurry. It is my plan to meet the thirties with a flat stomach. So now I have a half years in order to tweak my lifestyle that I get this done.

Important: you are what you do

If you read this article you probably want a flat stomach fast. I understand that, and I give it your absolute. But let me explain something.

How your body looks like (including your belly) is a result of your daily routine in the past. Your body forms a buffer between ‘who you were’ and ‘who you are’. If you eat chocolate every day, then you disappear flat stomach. If you then he comes back sport every day.

You already know how to get a flat stomach. The question is mainly: how to keep it healthy lifestyle full? You’re not the first to start exercising like crazy, creating a flat stomach, and at the end of the year is back on the double roll of fat.

It’s the small, simple changes that you can keep for life vol . For example, I hate training. I do not mind what to do strength training for a flat stomach, but I do not do it for a washboard. My goal is to be slim (and remain), preferably with a very light outline of my abdominals. A washboard is pretty fun, but I think the supposedly ‘fixed costs’ too high.

So keep that in mind. A flat stomach requires changes in your daily lifestyle. The more intense the changes, the greater the chance that you are not successful in the long term. Then the flat-belly-graph is not stable down, but he goes up and down. Together with your confidence .

Let’s see how you flat stomach realizes a healthy way for the rest of your life. Maybe you realize it or not within a month, but you can be enjoying life as soon as you get it done.

1. Let the fat off for a flat stomach

Yes, I know that slow-carb is today’s hype. But I have a hype-allergy, so I’m doing fine just the opposite. Not because I’m stubborn, but because I particularly want to focus on what works given the goals I want to achieve.

The slow-carb movement is mainly focused on the development of a beautiful body. I focus mainly on developing a healthy body remains fit and disease free as long as possible. That, and I’m going to be at least 120. Sounds weird – is quite normal .

Anyway, I grab it out of the air. Whenever I trusted, well-conducted scientific studies refer, they are roughly the same conclusions : people who follow a primarily raw vegetable diet are the healthiest, least get diseases and live the longest.

Exactly what I’m looking for.

And what is a raw vegetable diet by definition? Low in fat. Why? Because plants are low in fat, and since vegetable oil is a processed product. The oil does not flow automatically from the olives (which is quite a process). Eat whole olives safely, safely eat some avocados and some nuts. But eat less oil, less milk, less meat and less fake meat (filled with vegetable fats).

You can lose weight fast with a diet high in fat (animal) protein, but my problem is that it is the long-term health undermines . It helps you to become slim, but not 120.

The less processed fat you put in your body, the less fat there is in your belly sticks and the more you become healthier. Exactly, 80 were right. They also had fancier TVs.

2. Eat legumes daily

Legumes stabilize your blood sugar even hours after your meal. That, and they give you a long-lasting satiety. Moreover, they are delicious, versatile, inexpensive and super healthy.

Yeah, you go there for farting. Especially if you do not eat often. See that as a good sign. The gases escape the ‘farts’ of the good bacteria that are a feast to the fibers. These fibers help you enrich your intestinal flora. After a while stabilizing the number of good bacteria and you’ll leave less farting but benefit from a healthy intestinal flora.

Your belly feels temporarily set as possible, then you lose fat easier and increases your resistance without foreign probiotic drinks.

3. Train your belly in a way that suits you

Okay, then sports. Since I set my productive morning routine I do every morning regular pushups and crunches. Nothing fancy, just sit-ups until I can not anymore. That cost me relatively little effort, and I see quite a few results. I have also stand a kettlebell, I again soon join the battle will, because those workouts last only ten minutes, and give lots of results.

The trick is to set up a training you can in the long term – and will – insist. You can add two weeks every day Insanity are doing – but you will be the first who persevering a year. Let alone a lifetime. And once you stop it again, your body will be as it was.

I do everyday so that muscle training, a little cardio (jumping and running on the site) and some yoga. I walk quite a lot with the dog. And I do to run once or twice a week. That fits with my life, so I get the body that fits.

When I notice that my body is not what I want, I find out how to set a daily habit to change that. So it is in the long run as I want.

In other words, you do not count slim and sexy with an exercise program if you already know now that you are going to insist that no year . What could be worse than not getting flat stomach? Just have a flat stomach and lose him again. Like crazy workout is as you stand above life. You get a body that is not part of your lifestyle, and sooner or later you are going to lose it again.

So watch your lifestyle, then you automatically adjust your body.

4. Use your flat stomach for signalatie – not as a goal

When I see that I get handles, I know what time it is. I see that there has been too many restaurants and too little hardloperij.

I see it as a signal that I deviated from the lifestyle needs me in the long run . So I use that as a reminder to walk tonight towards the Spar fresh filled cakes with crispy edge, but a green smoothie making. Also tasty.

But seriously – a flat stomach is not really a useful purpose. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s good for your confidence – but it is primarily a result of a healthy lifestyle. If your goal is to be as long as possible fit, healthy and disease free (but a very useful purpose), then that flat stomach just what takes place automatically.

And so the circle is round again. Because ultimately it comes down to is that you simply take care of yourself. If you do that, everything falls into place. And if you have a flat stomach you need to feel good about yourself, then it might be time to first work on your confidence , and then make a healthy smoothie for yourself.

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