Create cold-brew iced tea – healthy for lazy people

All those anti-oxidants for so little effort

It’s nice, it’s easy and it’s Taiwanese. But why the nearly five years of time until this blows idea is beyond me. For it is clear the answer to some of our biggest problems:

  • It is sometimes warm here, and we’re craving something fresh.
  • We have ourselves actually green and white tea because it is so healthy. But by making you sweat . Something I for years trying to explain to my mother.
  • A friend of mine describes drinking iced tea on hot day as follows: “if you jump into a pool” . Problem: it is full of sugar and is time consuming to make yourself.

So? So we get a solution from the Far East. Cold-brew iced tea. Or as I prefer to call: overnight ice tea. It’s nice, it’s lazy and it’s very healthy.

Cold-brew iced tea is healthy

How healthy is it? In 2010, research conducted into. And what appears ? Cold-brew iced tea is just as rich in antioxidants as traditionally prepared tea, with three important differences:

  1. White tea contains more antioxidants when it is cold drawn;
  2. Cold-brew coffee is better at inhibiting LDL cholesterol (the bad version);
  3. Cold-brew tea contains less caffeine .

That, and it tastes also surprisingly tasty. The cold water removes substances other than hot water from the tea. This iced tea you get a mild, less bitter and surprisingly fresh taste.

Just what you need when the first heat wave fry your brains. That and a foot bath with ice.

And so do the

Okay, how do you make this wonderful concoction? You can do things as complicated as you want. You can even be quite snobbish. Cold brewing is seen by some tea connoisseurs as a very serious matter.

Note also briefly how my teapot is bored in the background.

  1. Grab a bottle, mason jar, decanter, french press, or any other (preferably glass) container.
  2. Throw your favorite tea in it.
  3. Fill it with cold water (just fine from the tap).
  4. Let stand overnight in the refrigerator.

So. That was it. The next morning you’ll be greeted by a delicious and healthy drink. And if you like you can in the morning immediately create one for the afternoon. The tea should take 4-8 hours.

More cold-brew iced tea tips

Below are some tips and variations to try.

  • I make my cold-brew while my overnight oats. So I’m healthy breakfast and a healthy drink with the least effort.
  • I usually make it with organic white tea . And sometimes organic green tea flavored (ginger and lemon, or orange).
  • You can cold-brew iced see and use as a ‘fresh’ replacement . So instead of DubbelFrisss and similar diabetic-in-suit drink. You’re doing your body a favor with it. Saves also get carry in groceries.
  • Yes, you can use spring water or filtered water. It does not matter for the anti-oxidants, and for the waste. So I tap great tap .
  • Experiment with ice water . The additional cold water temperature gets another taste resurfaces.
  • Some people have nothing to do with tea. With a cold brew, you can exchange your fresh glass of iced tea and so do your daily dose of healthy tea get inside.
  • Take your daily bottle of water to work? Pour your cold-brew iced tea back in your anvil .
  • Be the iced add a green smoothie , instead of water. Healthy and tasty.
  • You can also flavor the tea by putting slices of citrus fruit or fresh herbs throw in. Such as orange, lemon, lime and mint.
  • No, no sugar . How dare you bring it up. Okay, you’re right – it’s none of my business. Throw especially sugar if it enhances your happiness. Remember that sugar dissolves slowly in cold water, so throw it immediately and possibly stir once during long spoon (or shake the bottle). The finer the sugar, the faster and better it dissolves.
  • Before getting started with sugar: cold-brew iced tea is less bitter and cold water extracts more sweetness of the tea . Choose your tea with a delicious natural flavor (such as fruit) sugar than is perhaps not necessary.
  • You can vary herbal tea – although it is not known how many of the healthy substances are transferred into cold water. The flavor will be no less.
  • Black tea and oolong tea have another mild flavor when they are cold drawn. So try it. They contain strangely enough more antioxidants than green cold-brew iced tea.
  • The better the coffee, the better (and healthier) your iced tea. Tea comes in many qualities , and you can use them all. Personally, I now throw a bag of organic white tea in a carafe of a liter. It tastes fine, although some people recommend 1.5 times the amount of tea you use with traditional cooking. Find out especially what works best for you. You can also use loose tea (I am a fan of this store ) or go for the cheapest bags that you can find, depending on your priorities.
  • Not tried, a good idea: plug some loose tea in a bottle of sparkling water . Lemon slice after it. Your day can not go wrong. Pour into a flute, sit in the sun with a big hat and you find yourself in St. Tropez. But then with anti-oxidants.
  • You can also make a cold-brew iced tea concentrate . Throw example, five times as much tea and dilute it with water and ice. Ideal for parties and celebrations. Or for the real hard-core summer days.

So, there you have it. The simplest way to benefit from (white) tea experience, the best way to unhealthy sodas to replace something healthy, the hippest way to tell your friends “you do not know what cold-brew iced distracting ?!

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