7 simple ways to eat less meat

Prakkie meat

I grew up in a pretty average Dutch family. Peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles, spreadable margarine which we passed on to the table under the name ‘butter’, custard, cheese and of course a prakkie with a piece of meat.

Until a few years ago, I ate meat every day . I ate it with bread, in salads, including a fried egg, at parties, with drinks and soup. When I was in Schiedam moved in with Billy, we were rolling even blast kilo of chicken in a sandwich bag to freeze them individually. Very cheap and easy going.

That has now changed considerably . No practical pick, no stunner kilo chicken satay and not for me. But I’ve never been rigorous in my approach. In recent years I have gradually eat less meat. I now eat vegetarian, but I call myself a vegetarian .

On the one hand because I did not have , and on the other because I do not like boxes. I let my identity rather not depend on what I may or may not stop in my mouth. But I can tell you – eat less meat is one of the finest and most important changes I’ve made in my life.


  • I fell off easily and be easy on weight.
  • I was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and disappeared like snow in the sun.
  • I have fewer pimples on my face.
  • I think my food has a finer vibe. Because I know that no one has died.
  • Anyways I noticed that a vegetarian diet nourishing for my sense of compassion. As long as I eat meat should I deal with a bit of hypocrisy. I think it is to the animals, but they still eat it because it tastes good . When I covered the guilt away a vegetarian and there is more room for love and compassion for all living things.

Great mutsig, but it is fine. Do you want less meat and fish? Good plan – so you get it with little effort for each other.

The vegetable knife cuts on three sides

Yes. People who do not eat meat and fish increase their chances to live longer and reduce their risk of a whole series of scary diseases . They usually have a healthy intestinal flora, less chronic inflammation, a better mood and healthier skin.

That comes naturally to one side because vegetarians often automatically eat more vegetables – and fruit is healthy. But on the other hand, because eating meat you simply accelerated aging makes.

So that’s point 1. You will be healthier if you eat less meat .

Point 2: The Earth will be healthier if you eat less meat . Meat production is super-non-durable and extremely polluting. The entire production is characterized by waste and pollution .

Meat production gives us about as much CO2 as the entire transport sector. Plus, the abundant use of antibiotics in farming creates scary resistant bacteria. Brrr.

And 3: the animals are being happier . At least – if less meat is eaten fewer animals created growing up in appalling conditions for our traditions and taste buds.

So many benefits. With less meat consumption you bring less damage on three fronts. And besides: Eating less meat may be no sacrifice.

1. Start small

Forget ‘veg’ and focus on small steps . All or nothing changes rarely work. Yes, there are people from one day to quit meat. But if you were such a person than you this article to read.

I’m not a vegetarian because I do not feel like ‘my last chicken satay ever’ . I just eat little meat. And if I really get traction in chicken satay I can eat it without me of my faith fall off.

This is important. Eating less meat is not all or nothing . Maybe you vegetarian niece thinks differently, and you call hypocritical. And that’s just so.

Many people do spastic about food and meat consumption. While there is no reason for it. You can just cut down at your own pace.

  • Now eat your meat every day? Eat tomorrow than once a day vegetarian.
  • Do you find it difficult to eat in the evening vegetarian? Choose from a vegetarian pizza, pasta or soup – simply and without meat delicious.
  • Maybe you agree with yourself that you eat no meat during the week, or you every day not eat meat.

Do not be too hard on yourself and do not make it too difficult. It’s not about perfection. It involves changing your taste and your habits. That takes time and that’s fine.

Every day that you do not eat meat one. And the more you have such a day, the easier it becomes.

2. Replace your toppings

Meat Siege is one of the unhealthiest types of meat. Especially if you buy it in the supermarket. It is cluttered with artificial additives, and the meat is often highly edited.

Eat often meat toppings? Hummus is your friend – and that of your heart vessels. You can buy it everywhere nowadays in various flavors. Hummus (or humus) is a creamy dip based on chickpeas, garlic and olive oil. You can easily make yourself. It is (even from the supermarket) quite healthy, tasty and easy replacement for meat toppings.

And you know – we all eat too little legumes . You replace meat siege hummus is an easy and tasty way to upgrade your diet.

So get hummus at home, and let the meat toppings in the supermarket. was easy.

3. Explore different cuisines

The Western European cuisine revolves around meat . If you in Dutch or French restaurant on the menu looks the courts are appointed on the basis of the piece of meat.

This does not apply to all kitchens. The Indian cuisine is for instance largely vegetarian. Instead of rump steak served with fries and salad you see curry with potato, broccoli, tomato and onion – served with rice .

Lebanese cuisine is one of my favorite cuisines – and is largely vegetarian. That goes for the Mexican cuisine and traditional Asian cuisines such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. Japan is known for example to the sushi – but traditional sushi plays only a minor role in the Japanese diet. And in China people used to eat little animal products.

Search vegetarian cookbook where you happy and make this cuisine. So you get vegetarian cooking in the fingers and less meat much easier and more enjoyable.

And anyway, I think you can only really tell yourself that you can cook good if you delicious vegetarian dishes on the table . Anyone can make everything good with bacon, tender chicken breast or a greasy burger. If you know you can only really make your mouth water undocumented meat and powder sachets how food brings flavor.

Looking for vegetarian cookbooks? Watch the best-selling vegan cookbooks to date.

And remember, you only have six meal times a day . And you usually eat but two meals meat. At lunch you can easily omit or replace, so it is mainly about the dinner.

Most people eat the same 10 evening meals again. Make your favorite vegetarian meals, and discover a few new dishes. If you can rotate the provisional 10 vegetarian dishes – tasty and easy going.

4. Move towards unprocessed plant feeding

Now you do your eating habits have to change, learn yourself once good habits for your health in the long run . I know vegetarians who eat meat substitutes each day. You know – that soy burgers that look like meat. Pretty good – but not really healthy.

Of course you will occasionally eat a tasty meat substitute. And certainly in the beginning can help you eat meat substitutes less meat. However, meat substitutes are also highly processed foods .

They are often in certain areas just as unhealthy as the meat they replace. And that goes for cheese and eggs. Vegetarian food is not coded language for “cheese food” – even though it sometimes seems as if studying menus in restaurants.

  • Use cheese, eggs and meat substitutes rather not daily. But use them as a seasoning or festive treat.
  • Cheese and eggs are not kind to your arteries. And blood vessels are all over your body – including your brains, your lungs, your eyes, your heart and your genitals. You want to be as kind to them as you can.
  • Eat more plant foods especially. Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Legumes and fungi, for example, have a satisfactory ‘bite’.

Unprocessed, whole plant foods is food which grows on a plant or in the soil , and is not produced in a factory. There is nothing added and nothing good just taken out . So you benefit most from your new eating habits .

5. Replace your absolute favorites

What makes chicken satay so good? If you ask me it’s the peanut sauce, not the chicken . I think: give me something to chew on – if peanut sauce comes over I find it quickly tasty.

So? So I can indulge myself with marinated ‘nepkip’, tempeh or tofu and homemade peanut sauce. Such pleasures make it much less difficult to leave the meat.

It’s fun and pretty easy to make (unhealthy) Favorites vegetarian and healthier. As a home-cooked beans burger with a dollop of ketchup, a wholemeal sandwich and house made sweet potato oven fries.

As if you’re sitting at the snack bar – but without the inflamed blood vessels .

6. If you like it – stop buying meat at the supermarket

After nearly four years together were Billy and I got pretty far. From plofkipeters to when-at-home-vegetarians. What that means? We agreed on one simple rule:

In the supermarket we buy no dead animals .

That simple rule made sure we ate less meat. Not only begun to fly the kilos off, our freezer looked a lot nicer with broccoli and spinach cubes.

Since we live, we eat in Delft as you may know ” when-at-home-vegan ‘, although there are occasional goat cheese, butter and one egg slips through. We are not super strict, but you do not. That simple rule has ensured that we tried out new recipes, our habits in the store matched and were re healthier, slimmer and fitter.

If it’s not in the house you can not eat . Simple enough.

7. If you like it – stop meat eating out

But if you are not at home, you still go into town? Exactly. I did. Five days vegan cooking, and on day six chicken satay food in town. That if, as I was only at-home-vegetarian. The rule applies only in the supermarket.

But that’s all a matter of getting used to. In the hospitality industry, we sometimes still eat meat, although that’s a long time ago for me again. Today I also give out door prefer vegetarian dishes for those fine vibe which I described earlier.

Call me mutsig – but vegetables now makes me happier than once dead animals. Although dead animals often tastier. I put taste in second place, and nutritional value in the first place when it comes to meat.

Make it easy for yourself

Eating less meat is easy if you do not immediately sign designates as ‘vegetarian’. Because why your diet should define your identity? You can intake of meat adapt to your needs without that others have something to do with it.

If you want to persist less than ordinary . To stop: just try it for a week. See how you like it. If you want to stop, but still occasionally want to eat a disgusting burger at McDonalds: do it .

Better eat meat once a month at McDonalds and really enjoy than three times a week a piece of meat next to you prakkie habit.

Your health, the planet and the animals are not born will respond positively there anyway for slaughter. And you annoying vegetarian niece will point out how hypocritical you are when you eat meat once a month.

And that’s her problem.

Almost no more meat? Note B12

Vitamin B12 is the only essential nutrient that you can not get from plants . And if you have a shortage of building up than you feel incredibly shitty .

Vitamin B12 is produced by microbes that live in the intestines of humans and animals, and it ends up in the meat. You produce B12 in your gut, but you can not record them yourself.

Previously people got enough vitamin B12 because the hygiene standards were much lower. Poo Bacteria were everywhere for the invention of soap. That is fortunately no longer the case, with the result that we need B12 bijslikken we eat little or no animal products.

That’s no problem, but important. For a B12 deficiency sucks all the zest out of your body. I let myself each week to solve a pill under my tongue , and that’s fine. Nothing to do about spastic, but remember certainly not nonchalant about it. Those who eat little or no animal products can better B12 bijslikken.

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